Jorge Castellanos

Host of The Shanghai Show

American by birth, a laowai by the grace of God. I've been in Shanghai for 5 years now. Hosted a radio show in the USA for 4 years but after watching Karate Kid with Jaden Smith I knew I had to move to China to become the martial arts champion I was meant to be. 

I'm also a comedian here in Shanghai at Kung Fu Komedy. Come see me tell jokes!



Charlie Cooper

Host of the shanghai show

A vagabond much of his childhood, Charlie eventually settled in Shanghai after discovering that you're actually allowed to get a passport in the US. He can be called a director, writer, content marketer, a sort of digital jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Naturally, when he heard that the dying art form of radio was making a comeback, he jumped at the opportunity to add his special brand of mediocrity.


Lea Xu

News Girl Extraordinaire of The Shanghai Show

Charles Bukowski once wrote, "My dear, find what you love and let it kill you." Naturally, Lea has decided to be killed by listening to Jorge and Charlie complain about everything.